Embark on a quest to learn game development.

Follow along with the tutorials and have a look at the source code. Progress from knowing nothing at all to publishing a full game as an indie dev hero.

Where do I start?

Start small. Learn basic game development techniques and concepts by building very small manageable games. Each game project will build on top of the previous concept, reinforcing your knowledge and understanding of game development techniques.

Don’t know any programming language? This is a great opportunity to learn. Pick a language, anyone. Ruby, Python or JavaScript are mosty recomended to start with. You will also encounter C# (C Sharp), C++, Haxe and Lua within the game programming world.

Warning for the eager Knight-errant

The difficulty of each project will change depending on whether you use a game framework or a game engine. For example, building a clone of the game Pong from scratch in a programming language, is much more intimidating than to use for example the Construct 2 game engine (which will only take about 10 minutes to create).

On our quest for game dev we will explore game frameworks as well as game engines. The main quest is to complete each project progressively using only one framework. Side quests will include developing the same game in different languages, frameworks and engines.

Quest Board

Tutorials and side quests will update regularly, so be sure to check back often. The source code is also available.

Text Adventure

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Space Invaders

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Top-Down Shooter

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100% Open Source

All the source code for each of these games, their tutorials and even this site, are freely available on GitLab.